Did you know that stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from a plant?

Stevia might taste sweet, but it’s actually known to have the opposite effects of sugar – recent studies have found compelling evidence it might be a powerful tool in combating type II diabetes in humans.  Historical uses for stevia have included gum health and soothing an upset stomach. But if stevia is so great, why… Read more »

What’s the benefit of natural probiotics found in yogurt, kombucha and kefir versus lab strains found in pills and supplements?

Fermented cultures occur naturally in foods and beverages like water kefir (used in Obi), milk kefir, kombucha, yogurts, miso, sauerkraut, and tempeh. Every human culture throughout history has taken advantage of fermented cultures for health, food preservation, and recreation. Isolated strains of microorganisms are a relatively recent phenomenon that has only really been an option since… Read more »

Why I started Obi

I started working on the concept for Obi all the way back in early 2009 in Santa Cruz, CA. I came up with the idea while hiking at my favorite spot in Big Sur. I wanted to create something that took cutting edge concepts from the high-end niche health community and morph it into a… Read more »

Stop By For A (Probiotic) Soda - (Or drop us a bell, as David puts it (he's British)) Stop By For A (Probiotic) Soda - (Or drop us a bell, as David puts it (he's British))
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