Did you know that stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from a plant?

Stevia might taste sweet, but it’s actually known to have the opposite effects of sugar – recent studies have found compelling evidence it might be a powerful tool in combating type II diabetes in humans.  Historical uses for stevia have included gum health and soothing an upset stomach.

But if stevia is so great, why don’t you find it in more products? Stevia is known to have a somewhat bitter aftertaste, which has limited its use. We spent two years developing our own, proprietary organic stevia blend with a significantly reduced bitter aftertaste. Some people have a genetic sensitivity to stevia and will be able to detect even trace amounts, but for the vast majority of people Obi just tastes like a delicious soda!

Stevia is frequently combined with erythritol (a GMO corn sugar derivative) to give a mouth feel and taste closer to refined sugar. Erythritol can cause stomach irritation however. As such we NEVER add erythritol to our stevia blend.

If you’re looking for natural low calorie sweetness, you’ve come to the right place!





Stop By For A (Probiotic) Soda - (Or drop us a bell, as David puts it (he's British)) Stop By For A (Probiotic) Soda - (Or drop us a bell, as David puts it (he's British))
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