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What are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are naturally occurring in the body and are as critical to human wellness as vitamins and minerals. Probiotics have been clinically studied for their capacity to aid digestion, overall digestive tract health, all aspects of the immune system, mood/mental clarity, healthy metabolic processes, skin health, allergy response, and more.

What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a synergistic group of cultures that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years for its health benefits. Our water kefir consists of over 20 different types of probiotic strains that work well as a team. This diversity and hardiness is what makes it an ideal probiotic and the reason we chose it for Obi. When fermented, water kefir not only delivers a potent probiotic benefit, but also generates vitamins and a variety of beneficial compounds.

What is a probiotic ferment?

Ferments are a naturally occurring form of probiotics that have been cultivated for thousands of years by humans. They are complex combinations of probiotic strains that have developed into a distinct and beneficial symbiotic culture. They are renowned for their efficacy and hardiness. Ferments not only deliver a potent probiotic benefit, but also generate vitamins and a variety of beneficial compounds.

How much sugar is in Obi?

Each 12oz bottle of Obi contains no more than 2-5 grams of sugar from organic fruit or agave. The additional sweetness comes from our organic stevia, a natural plant historically used as a sugar substitute.

Is Obi safe for kids?

Obi is a win-win for parents and kids since it is an organic and delicious soda that's free from junk and sugar Generally, probiotics are not recommended for those under two of age, children who are weaning or those with compromised immune systems.

I’m pregnant/breast feeding, is Obi safe for me?

Generally, probiotics are safe for pregnant women and those who are breast feeding, however, we recommend you consult with your physician before consuming.

Why is Obi the better probiotic choice?

With Obi, you get the benefit of a water kefir ferment and a clinically studied, shelf-stable, probiotic strain called BC30. Water kefir is one of the best probiotics available but no one has been able to make it commercially available until now. BC30 has been studied and proven to have digestive and immune benefits and was added to Obi to ensure the upmost probiotic results.

Why does Obi taste better than other probiotic drinks?

Obi uses all organic juices and a proprietary non-bitter stevia (a natural sweetener) to make it taste great. Additionally, its proprietary probiotic ferment does not produce a sour/vinegar taste like most kombuchas do.

Who came up with Obi?

Obi was meticulously formulated for over 5 years in Santa Cruz, CA by founder and product developer Ben Goodwin. Ben’s goal was to create an innovative beverage that could deliver a truly healthy product with mass appeal. Obi was crafted to have the taste and enjoyment of a soda with the power of probiotic water kefir – all in a low calorie and low sugar format. This pioneering approach to product development is not only a byproduct of Ben’s technical problem solving style but also his deeper sociological, physiological and transpersonal philosophies. Ben’s musings and adventures can be found on his blog.

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