Recently taken a course of antibiotics? Find out why you should be re-populating your body with probiotics

Antibiotics came into widespread medical use in the 1940s. They give us the ability to deal with emergency infections in a powerful way. Before antibiotics, people were more likely to die because of diarrhea and basic infections – or from simple sickness in old age.

However, antibiotics work by indiscriminately killing your body’s bacteria, both good and bad. And therein lies a problem. Have you ever noticed that you might get sick with a cold or cough after a course of antibiotics? That’s because your immune system is depleted: the antibiotics have not only killed the bad bacteria that were making you ill, they have also removed the good bacteria (probiotics) that form a critical part of your body’s immune defense system.

You can think of it like a neighbourhood with a thriving community, where everyone is suddenly cleared out. If you don’t start to re-populate the neighbourhood with ‘good neighbours’ and rebuild the community, squatters start to move in and the neighbourhood can start to fall apart. Probiotics are the ‘good neighbours’ who can re-populate your gut with healthy bacteria and help rebuild your immune system.

We chose water kefir as the base for Obi because it contains over 20 different probiotic strains that work symbiotically in your body (you can see them listed on our website). If you’ve recently taken a course of antibiotics, or just want to give your digestive system a boost, now might be the time to reach for a water kefir based root beer!

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