Why I started Obi

I started working on the concept for Obi all the way back in early 2009 in Santa Cruz, CA. I came up with the idea while hiking at my favorite spot in Big Sur. I wanted to create something that took cutting edge concepts from the high-end niche health community and morph it into a product that could truly be enjoyed by everyone. I had worked with healthy probiotics on several of my prior ventures and decided they would be a fantastic starting place for my new creation.

On a fundamental level Obi has been designed to address a critical human need. We need to increase the health of industrialized civilization… and fast. We need to address not only how we treat the planet but also how we treat ourselves. It’s hard to care about your external ecosystem if you don’t feel the effects of a healthy internal ecosystem. I know that’s a bit existential for a beverage, but it’s a great starting point!

Obi hopes to achieve this lofty goal, and some more humble ones, by being both super healthy and super tasty. It’s not just designed to do well in Whole Foods, but also in Kroger and one day Walmart. Obi is a common ground for people who prioritize health (low sugar, low calories, super healthy ingredients, organic, water kefir) and people who prioritize experience (sweet, bubbly, refreshing, nostalgic, fun). You can share one with your soda drinking grandpa, your vegan college-going daughter, or your growing picky child – and everyone’s happy.

, …

Stop By For A (Probiotic) Soda - (Or drop us a bell, as David puts it (he's British)) Stop By For A (Probiotic) Soda - (Or drop us a bell, as David puts it (he's British))
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